Seo Hee Ham vs. Shino van Hoose


When Asa said she had slept with a costar in the shower after a scene Steve [and BJ Penn] was surprised but approved. episode 95

Lucy Liu - Joan Watson - Clyde the shark or is it Bonnie the shark fun fact ‘clyde’ is played by two turtles (twins i think)

Mystical Genie of the Lamp comforts Pikachu

not my artwork 

“Red isn’t just a color of lust—it’s also a color of warning.” — Erik Adams from AV Club… writing about True Detective Season 1 Episode 6


It is a secret we have known before Gohan could even form words in his mouth. Through fights with Raditz, Garlic Jr., The Ginyu Force and even Frieza, we’ve caught glimpses of the child’s explosive power. But like an explosion it always vanished with the moment. It couldn’t be controlled… until now. At last, the beastly power has been harnessed. Gohan has awoken. 

Now, Cell will battle a warrior 11 years in the making… on the next Dragon Ball Z. 

Epic is appropriate here. 

The head of Yoshi Obayashi, comedian, transsexual porn editor, podcaster

The hidden, but beautiful secret of Dugtrio.

Rock out with your Dugtrio out